COVID-19 Home-Based Antigen Testing

Blue Water Medical is offering COVID-19 Home-Based Antigen Testing. The test is a self-administered nasal swab test performed at home, under the supervision of a doctor over an online video meeting. This also applies for the return trip back into Canada.

Presently we know that these test results are being accepted by the USA/Hawaii but it is important with all the new procedures and protocols, that you check with your country of destination or airline to ensure that the Antigen Test is acceptable for entry.

If your destination does not accept the COVID Antigen Test, please visit our main page.

Pricing for Antigen Testing, includes online appointment with doctor:

  • $100.00 – per home-based test
  • If booking for more than one (1) test, all patients must be in attendance, as the online appointment link can only be accessed through one computer

Pricing for At-Home Rapid Antigen Test Kit, without online appointment with doctor:

  • We offer COVID-19 self-testing kits in our online store, available for $20 each, sold in a box of 5. Visit our online store for more information.

Testing Procedure

  1. Please make an Antigen Test appointment through our booking portal. Click on the virtual visit.
  2. The Antigen Test kits are available for pickup at Blue Water Medical Clinic.
  3. When booking your appointment, please arrange it so that there is time to pickup your test kit ahead of time.
  4. The online appointment is to monitor the swabbing process only.
  5. Upon completion of the appointment/test, the result will show on the device, typically within 15 minutes.
  6. Once the result shows on the device, after 15 minutes and before 30 minutes, you need to take a picture of the device with result and email it to
  7. If sending in results from more than 1 test kit, please include all test kits in one photo and provide a way for us to identify each kit, with each person tested.
  8. We will send you your certified Antigen Test result within 3 hours, typically quicker.
  9. If the antigen testing process is not done as instructed, additional device(s) will need to purchased and new appointment(s) will need to be made.
  10. If the device is defective, a new device and appointment will be provided for free.
  11. If the your test result is positive, please follow up with public health ASAP for further testing.